COVID 19The measures taken by the hotel to prevent COVID-19 infections and our requests of guests:

During this period of risk from the coronavirus (COVID-19), we at LIME RESORT HAKONE shall make every effort to ensure that our guests can spend their stay without worry by implementing thorough hygiene measures, ventilation and managing the health of our staff.

Main measures taken by LIME RESORT HAKONE

[Measures taken in guest rooms and public spaces]

1. Room key
The room key is stored in a UV light box in all guest rooms.

2. Disinfection of rooms when cleaning
When cleaning each guest room, any areas that guests touch and reach will be disinfected and wiped with hypochlorous acid, and all entrances are treated with disinfectant.

3. Increase in the number of alcohol disinfectant stations
Alcohol disinfectants have been installed in front of elevators, lavatories, dining rooms, etc. on each floor.

4. Increase regular disinfection
Doorknobs, doors, stairway railings, buttons inside and outside elevators, lavatory doors, and other areas that are frequently touched by customers will be disinfected with alcohol as appropriate.

5. Mask when serving customers
In consideration of the health and safety of our guests and the public, all customer service staff shall wear masks and gloves.
In order to avoid any inconvenience to our customers, services will be provided that minimize direct contact.

6. Confirmation of health status for guests
At the time of check-in, we shall use a non-contact thermometer to check every guests’ temperature.

7. Use of the public baths
If the public baths are expected to be crowded, the number of people shall be limited per time period.

8. Food safety
Our restaurants and kitchens meet the food hygiene and HACCP standards set by the health department, and are designed to provide the best possible service.
Employees are required to wear masks and gloves at all times. In addition, regular inspections are carried out by a third party organization in order to provide a totally safe environment.

[Steps taken by employees]

1. Wearing a mask when leaving work
All employees are required to wear masks when leaving and coming to work.

2. Check on physical condition upon arrival at work
Staff will have their body temperature checked and asked to disinfect their hands thoroughly when going to work. Also, employees with a fever of 37.5 degrees celsius or more or who are not in good physical condition will be asked to stay home until they recover.

3. More disinfectants in the back space
We have added disinfectant solution to ensure that everyone’s hands are disinfected after entering the office or using the restroom.

4. Health management system for those who are not feeling well
We have put in place a standard of conduct in case of poor health and a system to manage the health of employees.

5. Refrain from leaving the house or attending meetings if it is not needed
We have instructed employees to refrain from making unnecessary business trips, attending meetings and events where an unspecified number of people gather, as well as from dinners and meetings in the workplace.