Natural Hot Springs in Hakone to Relax and Unwind

Guests can relax and unwind in an open-air hot spring bath surrounded by nature and an indoor hot spring bath with the scent of Japanese cypress.

Introduction to Hot Springs

Hakone Onsen first opened in the Nara period (710-794), and now is home to as many as 20 hot spring resorts located all around Mt. Hakone, each with its own unique qualities and benefits. The source of our hot spring water is located in the Sengokuhara area known as "Shinubako Onsen". The temperature at the source is about 61 degrees Celsius. It is a simple hot spring water that we adjust manually after assessing it with our own eyes and taking into consideration the weather conditions of the day. Our attention to detail ensures guests can enjoy and unwind in our hot spring baths.

Natural Hot Spring Bath

The source is simple hot spring water from Shinubako Onsen.
(Water is heated and added to maintain a temperature suitable for bathing.)
The hot spring is effective in improving poor blood circulation, relieving fatigue, and improving health.

Bathing hours:15:00-00:00, 6:00-10:00


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