Life with a good cup of coffee.

Enjoying our specialty coffee in a resort setting.

Megumi Kiriyama

Champion of Myoko Coffee
Megumi Kiriyama

Try a cup of MYOKO COFFEE

While children can have fun in the Kid’s Room, grown ups can make use of their favorite location, such as our stylish Library Bar, to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Myoko's Specialty Coffee Shop

Espresso drinks made with only the highest quality coffee beans and hand-drip coffee with a choice of unique beans are served. Our menu also includes frappes, smoothies as well as a children’s menu. Guests can also enjoy homemade baked goods, such as banana bread and weekend citrons, as well as a coffee shop menu made with natural yeast bread, which can be enjoyed as a light meal or lunch. In addition, MYOKO COFFEE offers a wide range of coffee goods and coffee beans as well as a wide variety of food-related gift items as part of our "Living with Good Coffee" initiative. Please enjoy the appeal of specialty coffee in the great outdoors of Myoko.


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