We request your attention in noting the LIME RESORT MYOKO is implementing the following measures to prevent the spread of infection from the new coronavirus.
These measures place top priority on the health and safety of our patrons, guests and employees, and to assure their peace of mind.
We request your gracious understanding and complete cooperation at this time.

Main Initiatives of the LIME RESORT MYOKO

【Precautions regarding Public Spaces】

1. Provision of alcohol-based disinfectants
Disinfectant is provided in lobbies, restaurants and restrooms on each floor of the hotel for the sanitation, usage and convenience of our guests, patrons and visitors.

2. Enhanced ongoing disinfection and ventilate
Alcohol-based disinfection is conducted continuously at places and on surfaces that are frequently touched by the public, such as door knobs, doors, escalator handrails, elevator buttons, and restroom doors and ventilate a room.

3. The wearing of masks when serving guests and customers
For the maintenance of health, safety and public hygiene, hotel personnel will wear masks when serving customers.

4. Establishing the health status of guests
Upon check-in, our staff will fill out a questionnaire on the health status of all arriving guests and record their journey transit points up to arrival at the hotel.

5. Meal provision
The set of Japanese and Western dishes will be provided instead of the current buffet format.

【Employee Initiatives】

1. Wearing of masks when commuting to and from work
Imperial Hotel employees are provided with masks which they are required to wear when commuting to and from work.

2. Physical examination upon arrival at work
At our employee entrance, each employee's body temperature is thermographically measured and their hands thoroughly disinfected. Any employee with a fever of 37.5°C or higher or who is not in good physical condition is required to convalesce at home for two days or more or as further needed to recover.

3. Alcohol-based disinfectant for back-offices and other employee facilities
Alcohol-based disinfectant is provided for use by employees using a back-of-the-house office and when leaving restrooms.

4. Managing personnel in poor physical condition
A code of conduct for staff in poor health and a system for overseeing and managing the health of employees have been introduced.

5. Refraining from attendance at all nonessential and non-urgent assemblies and meetings
Employees are prohibited from making nonessential and non-urgent business trips and from overseas travel, and are requested to refrain from attending gatherings and events where unspecified large numbers of people gather, including workplace dinners and meetings.

【Requests to Guests】

・We formally request your continual cooperation in using the alcohol-based disinfectants, temperature screening, wear masks when you visit our premises, so that everyone on the hotel premises can use our facilities without undue concern.
・ We request that anyone who is running a high fever, or is otherwise in poor physical condition, refrain from entering the premises. Your cooperation and compliance are essential to all at this time.
・ If you become unwell, please immediately inform a nearby member of our staff.

* The above will likely be updated in accordance with changes in the policies of the Japanese government and related organizations. We ask your ongoing attention and cooperation.